Chinese Tech Aiding Terrorist Infiltration In Kashmir, Officials Warn

There has been a spurt in terror activties in Jammu and Kashmir in recent weeks. The latest incident, a brazen attack on an army convoy in Billawar, Kathua district, claimed the lives of five army personnel and left five others injured.

This tragic event is just one in a series of escalating confrontations that have rocked the region, including twin terror attacks in Doda district earlier.

Security experts have observed a disturbing trend: the increased sophistication of terrorist operations. Intelligence reports suggest that these groups are now equipped with advanced Chinese technologies, raising alarm over the source and implications of thier deadly arsenal.

The ‘Ultra Set’ Revelation

In recent counter-terrorism operations, the security establishments have been alarmed at the seizure of highly encrypted Chinese telecom gear, known as ‘Ultra Set’. These devices, reportedly designed for use by the Pakistani army, have found their way into the hands of terrorist groups operating in Jammu and Kashmir.

During a tense encounter in the Sindarah area of Poonch district last July, security forces first came across these sophisticated communication devices. The discovery was repeated this week during another operation in Baramulla, north Kashmir. These incidents have shed light on the evolving tactics of terrorist organisations and their access to military-grade equipment.

The ‘Ultra Set’ Seizure: Unveiling a New Threat

What sets the ‘Ultra Set’ apart is its robust encryption and unique communication mechanism. Traditional mobile networks rely on GSM or CDMA technologies, but the ‘Ultra Set’ operates through radio waves for message transmission and reception. Security experts say that each handset is linked to a control station across the border, utilising Chinese satellites to relay compressed messages to a master server in Pakistan before further transmission. This includes funding for a separate information security lab and support for covert monitoring through Voice Over Internet Protocol technologies. This sophisticated network allows terrorists to communicate securely with their handlers across the border, complicating efforts by Indian security forces to intercept and thwart their plans.

The use of advanced Chinese technology extends beyond communication. Infiltrating terrorists have been found equipped with sniper rifles and other weaponry built with Chinese assistance. The Pakistani army, bolstered by regular supplies from China, channels these sophisticated arms and equipment to terrorist organisations like Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba for attacks against Indian forces. The Indian forces are closely following the tracks and have upped their electronic surveillance.

Moving forward, a multi-pronged strategy is crucial. Upgrading intelligence-gathering capabilities and employing advanced technologies for signal detection are essential to counter the threat posed by encrypted communication. Additionally, diplomatic pressure needs to be exerted on China and Pakistan to discourage them from supplying weaponry to the terrorists.

Manoj Kumar Oneindia